Hermina Spineanu

Hermina Spineanu (Legal Counsel, Bucharest)

Hermina is a curious cat on a constant quest to educate herself. She loves Edward Hirsch’s poetry and prose books and likes putting together diverse play lists depending on genre and mood.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a curious cat, most of all. Curious about how things work, what it’s like to be other people, why things are the way they are. I am on a constant quest to educate myself, and I want to fit everything I can into my brain. Romanians have a saying, something along the lines of “I almost died stupid before finding [this] out”. Not taking myself too seriously is a big one for me, of course. But in a way, not “dying stupid” is my drive in life. Being genuinely interested in things and people makes learning less of a chore and more of a passion, though.

Could you name a passion of yours that’s impacted your life?

Going back to the previous question, that genuine interest in people and things is both a passion and a driving force, and it has had a big impact on allowing me to form lifelong friendships, as well as shaping me as an independent but caring individual.

Hermina Spineanu

What makes FintechOS unique?

What makes FintechOS unique is the people, of course. You rarely hear of a more welcoming, open-minded and warm ensemble in the workplaces of the world.

What’s your go-to relaxation trick?

My dog is my instant feel good device!  Walking him, playing, petting him. Interactions with a dog (or most animals in general), I think have the power to remind you that it doesn’t take much to be joyful. Incorporating a meditation practice into my lifestyle early on made a difference, as well.

What did you do before FintechOS?

Before joining FintechOS, I first practiced law as a litigation attorney, which meant weekly travels around the country from court to court, representing clients before judges. In between that and my current position, I was a legal counsel for the National Bank of Romania, helping with their international law department. Third time’s the charm, in my case, but I also feel fortunate that I was able to try on several legal endeavours before settling into the environment that fits me the most, which is FintechOS.

What are your thoughts on taking risks?

We know that taking risks is a crucial part of development. I’ve tested the theory and it’s 100% true (and not a lot of things are 100% true). Putting yourself out there, and taking a chance every once in a while, can only bring wins, at least in the currency of learning. You either win some or learn some, as the saying goes. But the learning part is the priceless one, in my opinion.

Do you have a favorite type of music or a favorite book?

Growing older it’s become impossible to stick to favourites, as I’m the kind of person who loves to constantly try new things, especially in the literature and music department. Lately, I’ve been loving Edward Hirsch’s poetry and prose books. Music wise, I like putting playlists together based on genre and/or mood, so needless to say, it’s very diverse. I will say I am drawn to jazzy, groovy, breezy tunes.