Digital Developer – Black Belt

About the role

We are currently looking for a Digital Developer that will create web apps using FintechOS Innovation Studio – a highly versatile browser-based application editor. Each app you develop will make its way to tens of millions of customers across the world.

The Studio allows you to

  • Define data models – creating the app’s database
  • Define business workflows – passing and transforming data between various stages of the business process
  • Define validation and security access rules
  • Map out the user journeys – building out the apps’s interface structure and logical flows
  • Insert and configure a variety of interface components, putting them together in HTML and styling them with CSS (Bootstrap)
  • Integrate data automation processors (OCR, face recognition, video conferencing, digital signatures, etc.) for more complex steps in the user journeys
  • Configure and interact with decision engines (scoring & personalization)
  • Use JavaScript for advanced mathematical, logical and data manipulation tasks

Example app built in FintechOS Innovation Studio: Digital Onboarding. With our Digital Onboarding app, clients can easily open a bank account from anywhere in the world, simply by accessing a URL on their computers or mobile phones. The app uses computer vision to easily extract customer data from their ID and then uses biometric identification to confirm a match between the photo and the person using the app. The app can recommend any number of banking products and take each user through a highly personalized flow, based both on user input and user data pulled in, with user consent, from various third-party systems (like financial authorities or the bank’s internal database). If required, the app can also initiate a video call with the bank’s operators who can perform extra validation steps. At the end of the process, the contract is automatically generated, and can be digitally signed.

As you can see, the FintechOS Innovation Studio is a really powerful tool that is, at the same time, fast to master.

You will work closely with our Product owners – experts in banking and insurance – who have dreamt for a long time to be able to deploy innovation at such a fast pace. You will find a lot of enthusiasm and deep industry know-how bundled in a friendly but performance-driven approach.

Your Digital Developer colleagues come from many backgrounds: BPM, front-end development, SQL – so you’re in good company if you want to level-up!

The core technologies you would use as a Digital Developer are HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Successful Digital Developers might come from low-code development platforms, SQL Development background, BPM, RPA development, QA in a web app environment or Tech Support for web apps. If you have extensive experience in either field, you will very likely be successful in FintechOS and learning the three required web programming languages will not be a problem.

What you have

  • Ability to design and implement data models in SQL
  • Good handle of HTML and CSS, including the Bootstrap library
  • Good handle of JavaScript (mid-level), understanding of functions and parameters, async behavior and callbacks, variable scopes, array and string manipulation

Our culture

We are a highly motivated bunch of people, taking on a huge technical challenge in one of the biggest industries of the world. We’re fully aware that the impact of our work can be felt by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

At FintechOS, we strive to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to stay, and do their best work. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our people, our partners, and our customers. We are fully focused on equality and believe deeply in diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin and all the other wonderful characteristics that make us different.

Quick facts

  • FintechOS is 2020’s hottest FinTech Startup, according to the Europas Awards, an event launched in 2009 by TechCrunch’s editor-at-large, Mike Butcher, to recognize and celebrate the innovation emerging from Europe’s burgeoning tech startup scene.
  • We are a venture-backed business started in Bucharest, with a big list of international clients already under our belt, serving customers in Europe, UK, and North America.
  • Scaling globally at a high speed: 200+ people, 3 countries, with 100% YOY growth rate over the last years
  • More than 40+ institutions run on FintechOS technology including Erste Bank, Société Générale, Scotiabank, Nationale-Nederlanden, Hyperion Insurance Group, Vienna Insurance Group and many more. We operate in 20 markets, across four continents with a total of $85bn in assets under management and we have offices in London, Amsterdam and Bucharest.
  • FAST 50 & FAST 500 ranked by Deloitte amongst top technology companies in Europe and EMEA
We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.
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