Senior Product Designer

Who we are in a nutshell: 

We believe easy access to finance is as essential as electricity, water, and education. It’s essential for all our lives to prosper. Creating highly personalized financial solutions can make an unimagined difference to everybody, everywhere – from disruptors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to traditional players and governments. For us, financial technology is freedom.

We built the FintechOS Innovation Studio to open up access to tech through a low-code framework. The Innovation Studio is where your non-technical teams can create and launch truly personalized products and customer journeys. All are driven by data and powered by automation. An easy-to-use visual builder makes the whole process simple and accessible.

About the role

We are looking for a self-motivated Senior Product Designer with the leadership skills to be the facilitator of design, and the pragmatism to be the person responsible for producing and executing the design. You will work collaboratively with product and engineering to create a highly functional and beautiful experience.


• Drive continual progress towards our product and experience vision, iteratively and always focused on the incremental value
•  Autonomously leverage research and lead design activities, in a pragmatic and impactful manner, to achieve specific outcomes
•  Collaboratively instantiate our unique design philosophy towards unique and innovative experiences
•  Contribute actively to the development of the UX practice and continuously educate stakeholders in a seamless fashion


• At least 5 years of product design experience
•  Proven expertise in solving complex problems in challenging domains, generating unique solutions
•  Relentless focus on outcomes, leveraging qualitative and quantitative abilities
•  Ability to structure and communicate work, from research to design and delivery, in active collaboration with others
•  Strong team player, making everyone around you better


• Experience in the Finance industry, preferably fintech solutions
• Experience in creating SaaS products
• Experience in the creation of developer experiences
• Familiarity with low-code and no-code development solutions

We believe that our strong culture of borderless collegiality is a competitive advantage for us and we go to great lengths to nurture and preserve it.

We believe that working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps us become better professionals and leaders. Our values keep us grounded and ready for constant growth.

Our values keep us grounded and ready for constant growth.

Being different
Our mission is to create the kind of customer experience we want for ourselves. That means doing things a little bit differently. It means understanding people’s needs, challenges, and dreams.

Being brave
We are brave in our actions and relentless in asking questions. New ideas drive change, so we constantly innovate and take on new challenges – that’s what makes us pioneers.

Being human
We bet on big ideas and the talented people behind them. Our approach is driven by what makes us all human, and it has built a creative environment where people and careers can thrive.

We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.
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