Radhika Chudasama (People Director, London)

Radhika’s fondness for travel, cuisine and spas gets her into all kinds of relaxing and enjoyable situations. She’s spent time living in Dubai and likes being one of the first to check out new restaurants. That’s when she’s not heading up HR at FintechOS.

What kind of person would you say you are?

I’m definitely a bit of a risk-taker. Sometimes that presents challenges, but more often than not it pays off. Outside of work, I’m the risk-taker in my family, always on the lookout for new projects, seeking that next thing, which could be anything from a renovated kitchen to a new house. Sometimes my big plans get vetoed at home, especially if they are too crazy, but in general there’s a good balance. 

Career-wise, I’m no different. Moving from talent acquisition to take on a broader HR role was a risky option. I’d built up some kudos in tech and financial services. Fintech was a good progression, but it was new, as was digital to some degree. At that point, I could have stuck to what I knew and done just fine, but what would I learn then? So, as I’ve done many times before, I took a calculated risk. And it worked out, I’ve already been promoted within a few months. That’s not something you see in some of the larger organizations I’d been in before. 

As I move through life, there are always learnings and when I take a chance on something, I don’t know what they might be. One thing I do know however, is that I’ll figure it out as I go along.

Could you name a passion of yours that’s impacted on your life?

It’s probably my passion for helping people. I love that aspect of life and now that I think of it, it really does feed into my work. I get to meet people’s needs in a way that moves them along their career trajectory, and we all know that’s such a big part of our lives. Helping out makes anyone feel good and I’m no different. I get to partner with employees on their journey, it’s so rewarding. 

Being able to offer support makes a difference, I know because I’ve been there too, trying to build my own career. I’m a partner, a friend and a leader and that’s something I’ve always wanted to be. It’s my passion.

How long have you been at FintechOS

It’s now a year since I started there, heading up the HR function. That involves building up processes, putting them in place and lots more. Initially, we were quite reactive in our team, but as we evolved, especially over the last six months, I see our day-to-day becoming much more proactive.

I wear many different hats as a HR leader and do different things all the time. This includes office-related tasks (I even handled an office move), events and one of my favorite things – coaching. Those activities extend beyond my department too, they connect me to the whole organization. 

Describe your journey to FintechOS 

I studied something completely different to what I ended up doing. My qualification was in Media and Communications and I sort of fell into recruitment. Before working at FintechOS, I had moved up the ladder, working in talent acquisition roles for large financial and tech organizations. The previous company I worked for was bought out, which meant the HR functions became redundant. As a result, I was out there seeking a new role. Not for long, however. One of FintechOS’ investors made contact with me – and the rest is history!

Why FintechOS?

I heard about the founders and how amazing they were. Then I got to know the team. Every person I met during the interview process really made a difference. The team and management seemed so engaging and great to work with. I was talking to a few other companies at the time but noticed a really positive ethos every time I spoke with someone from FintechOS, especially the founders. It was such a refreshing view of the world. Of course, I needed the actual role to fit my goals too, but it really was the people who were a big driver in choosing this company. They pushed it over the line, at a point when I had other offers on the table.

It’s transpired that my hunch about working here was correct. The role is just what I wanted it to be and I’ve never had such a great, supportive group of colleagues. We communicate, take on challenges together and genuinely celebrate each other’s successes. The dynamics feel good. I think that positivity comes from the leadership to be honest, and it just flows through the organization.

What’s your go-to relaxation trick?

I’m definitely what you might call a ‘spa-junkie’, I love relaxing in the spa! That’s always nice. I could give myself another title too – I’m a real foodie. Trying out new or nice restaurants is lots of fun. At the moment, I’m on a health kick, so I’ve also been experimenting with some new recipes of my own. 

Outside of that, being a mum means hobbies as such mostly revolve around family time. I treasure the big yearly family trip, which is of course postponed for now because of lockdowns etc. When I do get away, relaxing holidays are my favorite. I like adventure but am even more happy to chill out and re-charge. Travel has always been a big thing for me. I lived in Dubai for some time and have seen it develop over the years since the early 90’s. That’s a place I really like returning to as a family. 

What’s in the future for you?

That’s quite an open question for me, there are so many possibilities. Being in a dynamic scale-up makes me feel as if the world is my oyster and I already know that I’m in a hot industry. I definitely want to grow with the company and in my role. The goal is to move up the ranks. I like the idea of being a right-hand-person for the founders. I already do so in my work, but it would be great to bring that further. 

I’d like to delve into the diverse topics the founders work with all the time. In taking that step, I could gain even more new experiences and also get to learn new things. 

Aside from that, helping people out will be a constant factor. When I get acknowledgement for doing that, it’s really satisfying. It’s what makes me tick, so if I can keep on doing that, while progressing my career – then the world really is my oyster!