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Our fast-growing, global team works on exciting projects everyday. As we get bigger, we’re always on the lookout for good people to join us. Are you a savvy marketer, a skilled engineer, or maybe someone seeking a new career? Whatever your path, if you’re ambitious you should talk to us. FintechOS has offices, teammates and great opportunities all around the world. So, dream big and discover our people, their jobs and how we do things around here.

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Product Engineering

We take on the big technical challenges in one of the world's top industries. Our job is invigorating, and our tech supports millions of people worldwide. FintechOS is a .NET web platform setup on Windows Server, with an MSSQU primary database engine. It empowers financial institutions to deliver complete, hyper-personalized customer journeys. Our engineers have domain knowledge and they really know their SQL, BPM, RPA and QA. In short, we love what we do, and we’re good at it.

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It’s our mission to reinvent the customer experience for everyone. That means helping organizations to transform in a fast, affordable way. So, we fast-track a company’s digital journey, with steadfast guidance from our trusted sales advisors. We go way beyond ‘good enough’, so continuous improvement is part of the plan. Our approach is innovative and tech-driven. We believe in using automation and personalization to push things forward. Radical change needs new ideas that push the boundaries. We say - challenge accepted!

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Support Functions

We’re the support framework behind FintechOS’ global success story. From the Finance, HR and Legal departments, we keep everything in line as the company’s growth skyrockets. We find the right talent, dive into details, and handle all the technicalities. By doing so, we free people to excel in the organization. Simplicity, efficiency and good relationships are crucial as the company evolves. Those are our key ingredients and we put them to work everyday. The results speak for themselves.

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Solution Architecture

No one said a digital transformation would be easy, but the right support makes all the difference. We’re the team that holds a customer’s hand through some of the tougher processes. It’s our job to guide clients through a maze of business process changes and customizations. When it comes to understanding the systems that deliver real value, our team really gets it. By sharing that knowledge with clients, we get them where they need to be.

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Marketing is the guardian angel that helps our company to scale and promote itself. A strong brand makes us heard in the market and that’s where our team excels. We love sharing the story of FintechOS’ vision and value. With a strong focus on innovative techniques, we tap into every element of the company. We share and learn to build a holistic picture of who we are. Then we get out there and tell the world about it.

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Customer Success

For our customers, choosing FintechOS is just the start of their journey with us. We make a commitment to them that their goals are our goals, and our Customer Success team ensures we deliver on that promise. Professional Services gets the customer up and running on FintechOS, expertly planning and executing the product delivery. Then it’s over to our Customer Success Managers. They build a deep understanding of the customers and guarantee that together, success is inevitable.

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