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Today, 40+ institutions run on FintechOS. Our client list includes Erste Bank, Société Générale, Scotiabank, Hyperion Insurance Group, Vienna Insurance Group and many more. We have a footprint in 20 markets and work across four continents. Our offices in London, New York, Amsterdam, and Bucharest are a buzzing place of work for a fast-growing team. With $85bn in assets under management so far, we are moving fast.

And there’s no stopping any time soon. Plans are underway for a 2021 expansion into the US and APAC. Our global team is set to double, and the new ideas just keep flowing. The sky's the limit. One innovation at a time, we continue to reimagine customer centricity for financial services and improve people’s lives. Join us.

More about FintechOS

Our story began in 2017 in Bucharest. Two serial entrepreneurs, Teodor Blidarus and Sergiu Negut knew they had something good on their hands -  a revolutionary product with a designated market. They decided to combine their skills and go into start-up mode. FintechOS was born, with a vision to power financials to become truly customer-centric - by adopting a data-centric approach and by consolidating critical data from multiple sources, banks and insurers can accelerate processing, adopt automation, deliver personalized experiences, and slash costs.

Fast-forward to today, and the founders’ dream is a reality. FintechOS has already transformed day-to-day services for millions of people worldwide. Growth has gone exponential. Investors have put their faith in us, and we employ over 350 of the most talented people out there. With a strong track record behind us, we forge ahead, thinking differently, challenging the status quo, and using our tech to push the boundaries.

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FintechOS has offices in London, New York, Amsterdam and Bucharest. There’s more to come however, as we expand globally! Additional locations in Singapore, and Dubai are on the horizon.

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