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People are at the heart of everything we do - right down to our product. Our tech makes every aspect of financial life better for our clients, their customers, and you. FintechOS makes plug-and-play digital transformations possible. We get energy by empowering financial institutions to launch data-driven, personalized offerings on all digital touchpoints. Radical change like that should not take months or years of development. We can make it happen in a matter of weeks.

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FintechOS was founded by Teo Blidarus and Sergiu Negut, two enthusiastic tech-visionaries.


FintechOS has quickly grown from a start-up to a scale-up with over 200 employees worldwide.


Since our launch, we’ve made day-to-day services better for millions of end-customers.

Create automated customer centric journeys

Teo Blidarus
Co-Founder, CEO
Sergiu Negut
Co-Founder, CFO

A personalized customer experience for everyone

With a crew of 200+ and growing, the rapid evolution of FintechOS is well underway. An outstanding team is the primary driver of that story. Each individual’s energy, creativity and ambition brings color to our work. It helps us to be uniquely new and inventive. When we say people are our most important resource - we mean it.

The sum of all our personalities has brought us to where we are today, and will carry us into the future. For us, the mission is clear - to make the customer experience a positive one for everyone. Our open, innovative stance, coupled with strong people power will help us to deliver on that promise.

Our company values

Being different

It’s our mission to bring people the customer experiences we want for ourselves. That means doing things a little differently. It means understanding people’s needs, challenges and dreams. By tapping into all of this, we can deliver meaningful solutions that make a difference.

Being brave

Doing things a little differently requires a new approach. So we are brave in our actions and relentless in asking questions. For us, it’s about making great experiences available to everyone. New ideas drive change, so we constantly innovate and take on new challenges.

Being human

We are shaping the future of our industry by dreaming up and building game changing products. To do this, we bet on big ideas and the talented people behind them. Our approach is ultimately human, and it’s built a creative environment where people and careers can thrive.

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A place to thrive and grow

We believe in a flat organizational structure, where team members are more than just a job title. At FintechOS, who you are counts. We tune into your skill set, your ambitions, and what you love to do. We value managers who can be both steadfast in their expertise and hands-on practitioners - people with a knack for developing talent and driving organizational success. Whether you end up managing people or not, this is your chance to have a massive impact in the company and take serious strides in your career.


Job application process

The first step is to submit your application and hold tight whilst we review your résumé. Our hiring team will then contact you over the next few days to let you know whether we will take you through to the next stage. Please bare in mind we get a lot of applications and will come back to you either way as soon as we can.


1. Let's connect

Our recruitment team will reach out to set up our conversation. During this chat, we can learn about you, while you learn about life at FintechOS. You can tell us about your passion for the role and why you stand out as a candidate.

2. Let's talk

The next stop is an interview with the hiring manager. This provides deeper insights on the role and your prospective teammates. You get to know the job, while the hiring manager gets to know you. Then we can see if there’s a match.

3. Evaluation

For some roles, you get an extra chance to shine by doing a test or a presentation. This will be designed to let you show off your skills. Of course, we will answer any questions on the task and help you prepare for optimal success.

4. Outcome

The final step is to discuss the outcome. We believe in helping people to develop, so you’ll get helpful, constructive feedback. Even if it doesn’t work out this time, let's keep in touch! There’s a constant flow of new opportunities at FintechOS.

Want to learn more

Our recruiters will help you out

Alexandra Stoiean
VP, Talent
I love people. And because I love people, I always try to find the perfect match between the candidate and the role, regardless of the industry and the complexity of the role, by creating a connection with every individual.
Paisley Keys
Talent Acquisition Lead
I have 10 years of experience recruiting senior appointments for technology firms across the UK & Europe. Falling into recruitment initially as a 360 sales recruiter, then moved to technology consultancies as an internal recruitment lead focusing on driving down agency spend.
Ana Sirbu
Talent Attraction and Employer Branding Lead
I like to understand the business needs and to match them with a winning recruitment strategy in order to attract the right talent in the organization. Knowing the people and their professional stories, challenges they faced, their motivations and ambitions - is what brings me joy and a big sense of fulfillment.

Our company culture

With offices in London, Amsterdam, and Bucharest, FintechOS is fast-growing and on the move. Our talented team is spread across the world. That global footprint is increasing as we expand both East and West. Over 200 team members support this momentum. They are a big part of our story. People are our energy, a key driver of everything we do. It’s our ambition to inject some imagination into the customer experience. So, we’re shaking things up with exciting tech and an innovative approach, where the customer wins and our people do too. 

That means doing things differently. It means being brave and tapping into our strengths as human beings. Powered by tons of energy and ideas, we deliver something new every day. At the same time, we never lose sight of what really matters. Time is set aside for family, travel, hobbies and other ambitions. 

We are different, we are brave, we are human. After all, that’s what life is about.

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Read enough? Excited to jump aboard? Then tell us about it. Growth and achievement are in our DNA. You can be part of that story, while taking your career to the next level. Check out the open positions at FintechOS. Your dream job awaits.

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